The hottest hair trends for winter 2014
By: Carla Snuggs

Winter is well under way, so if you haven’t already it’s time to transition into this season’s hottest hairstyles. The latest hair color and hairstyle trends for this winter are simple tweaks that will really help update your look.

We know because Posh  Beauty Blog tapped two leading expert hair stylists for the inside scoop about on-trend hairstyles: Frederic States, Senior Hair Colorist at RIK RAK Salon, Miami and Celebrity Hair Colorist Los Angeles and Jesse Jones, Senior Hair Cutter at RIK RAK Salon, Miami. Here are the best hair trends for Winter 2014.

Color Trends

Frederic States says:

1) The over lightened Ombre effect is out. Opt for a softer version that is more suitable for your maintenance level and looks more natural.  

2) Sporting a dark base color is no longer in fashion.  Go back to your natural hue or a shade a tad lighter to brighten up your face. 

3) Softer more natural-looking high-lighting is back (and replacing Ombre trend).  Sun kissed stands looks better than over done hair that has too much contrast. 

4) If you don't like the grey hair, then change it.....Your hair will look brighter, shiny and prettier!

Hairstyle Trends


Jesse Jones says:

1)  Bangs are in for the season. If you already have bangs let them grow longer or just have wispy pieces around the face. If you're just cutting them, make sure to keep them long. 

2) With the surge of Hollywood Pixie cuts, shorter hair is in. For those not daring enough to chop off their locks like Jennifer Lawrence, bring up the length up for a fresh look that is great for Spring.  

3) Razor haircuts always look more blended than blunt cuts, even on long hair.  It allows hair to have a better flow. I find that shoulder length hair is easier to handle for most women so mid-length razor cut is a great look for Spring. 

4) Ladies, no more flipping hair, just toss it about it to look airy and light at any length.

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What are your favorite hair trends for Winter 2014? Leave your comments below!

AuthorCarla Snuggs