Tips and products to help prevent hair loss
By Carla Snuggs

The American Hair Loss Association estimates that women make up roughly 40 percent of Americans experiencing thinning hair and that most women will experience some thinning by midlife. So, no matter your age, it’s time to take a close look at your locks.

Have you ever noticed that hair starts to thin, and even recede, at the hair line of where your part is? Don Bewley, founder of Eufora International, says that stress and strain from pony tails, parting, etc., all induce some sort of stress that can lead to hair loss over time.  Think of it like tires on a car; wear and tear will lead you to balding.  Learn more in this comprehensive Guide to Women's and Children Hair Loss.

Tips for healthy hair growth
1. Use products that help to stop DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), whether they are blocking DHT or help to reduce the amount of DHT you produce.  DHT plays a major role in hair loss. (Try Reviven Anti-DHT Shampoo).

2. Take a vitamin rich in Biotin and other B-Vitamins.

3. Shampoo every day. Some people think that over shampooing can lead to a dry scalp, this is actually very opposite for people losing their hair.  People with hair loss tend to have greasy scalps. This is due to an overactive enzyme called 5-Alpha Reductase.  This enzyme increases sebum production and also is the leading cause behind hair loss and acne.  Use shampoos and conditioners every day that help to block this enzyme.

So what about hair regrowth treatments and serums work? How do they work and can we really regrow hair once we’ve lost it?  “The basics behind treatments and serums for hair growth is targeting a healthy scalp.  If you have a healthy scalp it leads to an environment for healthy hair growth.  Once a follicle is dead, it’s unlikely it will return without a transplant,” explains Bewley.  The reason is the hair follicle is so small that hair can’t penetrate it.  This is why a bald scalp tends to look shiny.  However, if you can stimulate the follicle again over time it might be possible to induce some new hair growth. So, there is hope!

Here are some of the top hair regrowth and scalp treatments for all budgets:

Keranique Hair Regrowth Kit: This FDA approved non-prescription treatment system is specifically for women's hair loss.  The kit contains Revitalizing Shampoo, Volumizing Conditioner, 2 Hair regrowth treatments, and 2 Volumizing lifting sprays ($159,

Eufora's Scalp Treatment: From their brand new Thickening Collection, this scalp treatment uses Eufora’s ProAmino Cell Therapy that combines Aloe Stem Cell technology with their ProAmino Peptide Complex to improve the health of your scalp and hair follicle ($37.00,

Leonor Greyl's Energising Complex:  A 6-pack leave–in scalp treatment for hair loss that is rich in amino acids derived from plant collagen ($56,

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Have you had experience with hair loss, especially at your part? Leave us a comment below.