My Review of OMONO Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

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Unless you’re an antique, aging isn’t something to look forward to. Yet it begins to happen in our 20s, and from that point on we’re all racing around town to stay youthful. The bad news is, unless you’re spending at least 4 hours a day on your face, you probably aren’t doing all you can to prevent sagging skin and wrinkles. 

And when I first heard about a new anti-aging supplement called OMONO, and how Glamour Italia beauty reporter Nicole Pizzato called it “an elixir of eternal youth”, I just had to try it. 

What you should know

OMONO is a Japanese product that stops the aging process of your skin, among many other amazing perks. Its formula combines some of the most ultra-efficient nutrients and vitamins you need for UV protection, wrinkle-shrinking, radiance, elasticity, hydration, smoothness, and many more! 

And when we talk about typical beauty routines, all those different types of lotions, moisturizers and face gels spring to mind. And frankly, I get drained out just by thinking about them. But not with OMONO. Just a sachet of their powdered formula taken with any drink you like, once per day. There’s simply no need for any added hassle to our already congested lives. 

My new routine

I’ll be honest. I was skeptical at first because I had spent years trying to find something simple that actually works. I was tired of feeling like I looked good only with makeup on, and this was taking a hit on my confidence. OMONO helped pull me out of the funk of feeling like I didn’t know how to take care of my skin as it aged. 

This product is definitely worth the money for someone like me who doesn’t have the time for diverse and lengthy regimes. Its simple process gives me the peace of mind of knowing that it is absolutely possible to prevent aging from moving forward.

And here’s how my morning routine looks like now. Once I’m all dressed up, I head downstairs, grab an OMONO sachet, toss the formula into my coffee, and give it a good-o stir (add it to anything you like if coffee isn’t your vibe!). OMONO gives it a little delicious vanilla taste, and it goes down easily in a few sips. I never even have to think about healthy skin, but I sure am glowing all day long.

 Natural beauty at its best

I never thought I could so easily incorporate anything anti-aging or natural into my life as I just don’t have the patience and time to go through more steps again. Taking off my makeup and washing my face was enough of a constant uphill battle. 

Yet, once I tried OMONO, I was truly sold. I could keep up with a skin care routine that also defies aging. For me, I started seeing results around the 3-week mark, and everyone around noticed there was just something different about me. They didn’t quite know what had changed, but I bet they totally saw a new kind of glow. And the added confidence this gives me speaks volumes as well. 

So here you go ladies! I’d definitely recommend trying OMONO today, so that you too will experience all the amazing benefits it has to offer. 

AuthorCarla Snuggs