In a beauty obsessed world, everyone wants to know how to get youthful looking skin. Skin specialists advise that to do this effectively, you should avoid smoking and protect your skin from the sun. In addition, you should keep your skin moisturized and wash with care. The following proven advice will show you how to get youthful looking skin and combat aging with ease.

Increase Your Consumption of Vitamin C

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Research from the American Nutrition Journal shows that women who are over forty, and who follow a diet that includes a significant quantity of Vitamin C, are less prone to wrinkles. Vitamin C is a vital component in collagen formation. Your body's cells produce the protein collagen to keep the skin held together. This ensures that it retains its' elasticity and firmness and looks youthful. In the absence of Vitamin C, the body can not link amino acids to create the protein. Foods that contain plenty of Vitamin C are oranges, green leafy vegetables like sprouts and broccoli, kiwi fruit and tomatoes.

*Pro-tip – you can also find products like Hydra-Glow Multi-Benefit Serum which allow you to apply vitamin C directly on your skin and reap the benefits that way.

Live a Relaxed Lifestyle

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Perform breathing exercises each day. Spend some time appreciating your surroundings, and listen while you breathe in and out. This will help keep the stress hormone cortisol under control.

Meet up with friends, make love with your partner, or get a massage. Socialize with people who know you best. A nice morning coffee or afternoon in the bedroom or spa will elevate your mood tremendously.

Wash Properly in the Evening

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Washing your face properly before bedtime is an important thing to do. Makeup, dirt and bacteria from the previous day can block pores, aggravate skin and produce breakouts. Gently rinse your face to remove the top layer of grease (your skin should have a pleasantly tight feel up to quarter of an hour after rinsing), which also enables moisturizers to penetrate further for enhanced results. During your forties, oil production reduces because of hormonal changes. Therefore, rinsing twice each day might accentuate the appearance of wrinkles and give you a drier complexion. On a morning, refresh your skin by using lukewarm water.

Protect Yourself From The Sun

The Mayo Clinic reports that the majority of changes evident in aging skin are due to lifelong exposure to UV rays. To safeguard against this, you should adopt the three strategies mentioned below:

  • Wear protective clothes - Wear long pants or trousers, long sleeved shirts, and a wide brimmed hat. Don't forget that tightly woven fabrics (such as denim) provide superior protection to loosely woven fabrics such as knits.

  • Stay out of the sunshine during peak sunshine hours - From 10:00 to 16:00, the sun does the most damage, so restrict your time outdoors during these hours.

  • Apply sun lotion - Use broad spectrum sun lotion, with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least fifteen. Apply this generously roughly twenty minutes prior to going out, and then at two hour intervals. If you sweat a lot or go swimming in the sea, you will have to apply this more often.

Follow a Clean Diet

Eat wholesome foods that contain plenty of nutrients, instead of processed foods. Choose complex carbohydrates and whole grains to stabilize your levels of blood sugar. Foods such as bulgur, whole wheat pasta and brown rice contain plenty of fatty acids that produce skin enhancing effects.

Take Regular Exercise

Finally, research shows that women who exercise frequently have smoother skin than women who do not. Exercise gives skin the nutrients and oxygen it needs to produce collagen. To tone your skin nicely, carry out a minimum of three half hour cardio workouts each week.

AuthorCarla Snuggs