It's your big wedding day, and it's time to have the best night ever! 

This is probably your most important, glamorous and extravagant event which you'd want to cherish forever, right? Well, if so, why not read our makeup tricks which will be life-changing?

Why Is Makeup So Important For Your Wedding?

Makeup is the focal point of your entire look (along with your dress), and people will first look into your eyes when talking to you, so you better make a fierce impression.

The most important part when doing your bridal makeup (or letting someone else do it) is aiming for longevity.

It is crucial for you or your makeup artist to use matte, high quality, top notch, humidity resistant and long lasting products, such as eyeshadows and face products.

So, if you want to understand how it’s done, what is the best way to do it, and what are some steps which you should know about read our 6 tips & tricks!

How To Do Your Makeup In 6 Steps

1.  Get A Facial The Night Before

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It is vital for you to moisturize the night before the big day. By getting a professional facial at a certified salon not only that you are adding moisture, but you are also cleaning impurities. By doing this you will prep your skin and will allow it to hold and sink in all of your makeup for your wedding day for 12+ hours! Also, this step is a must-do for dry skin types.

PS: Be very careful when doing this in case you have sensitive or acne prone skin. Your face may need more time to heal or rest, which is why in this case you should do the treatment 3 days before your wedding.

2. Use Primers

A makeup primer is ideal for taming down your oils and helping your makeup sink deep into your pores.

Women who have drier skin types should use an illuminating and hydrating primer (2-3 drops will do) and should apply the product to their entire face.

Women who have oily skin should apply a mattifying primer to their entire T-zone (2 drops will be just enough). Matte products will keep your oils in place, and won't let that unwanted shine peek through.

3. Foundation Which Is Buildable

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It is always way easier for you to add coverage than it is to remove it.

Start out slow and add products gradually in order to achieve your wanted outcome. You should apply your favorite medium coverage foundation to your chest, neck, and face if you want to look flawless and as even as possible in the pictures, but also in real life.

Blend your foundation with either your fingers (if you love a natural outcome), or with a beauty blender to achieve full and ultimate coverage.

4. Set It With Powder

Always remember to set your entire face (especially your T-zone) and add your trusted loose powder on top. If you want to bake you can leave the product on for 3-4 minutes and let it sink in deep into every pore.

Also, women usually prefer baking their under eyes and their nose since this little trick gives out a smoother outcome and it can look great in the pictures.

You can also do this step as long as you don't have super dry skin so it doesn't leave you with dry and cracky patches.

5. Wear Lash Extensions

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This is a life saver since it allows you to cry during your wedding, without making any damage! Lash extensions are super sturdy, high-quality, and they can stay on way longer than your glue-on lashes or your typical mascara.

These have a life span of 3 weeks, and they are customizable! This means that you can have any outcome you prefer for your big day, and even for your honeymoon!

Lash extensions are beautiful, waterproof, water-resistant, smudge-proof, as well as heat-proof, which makes them ideal for any and every weather condition.

6. Use A Liquid Lipstick

A liquid lipstick won't smudge during the entire day or night.

In fact, you can talk all you want, kiss as much you please, eat & drink and still be smudge and mess-free! However make sure you go for a simple nude, peach, brown or soft pink color since these are the best choice for your wedding day.

Why? They look semi-natural, and can pass as your natural lips. And even if the lipstick ends up magically smearing it won't look as bad as it would if you had a dark red, burgundy, or even a plum color.

AuthorCarla Snuggs