I missed the whole coloring books for adults phase a few years back. That is until now — I found a few gems, and wanted to share them with you! These books are surprisingly great deal for the listed price, which I have provided with the link below. They run for about $7 USD each, so these books are a great deal!

The themes for these books are a bit different. Usually, when you think of coloring books, flowers, and mandalas come to mind, seeing a different theme is a nice change.

In terms of the paper quality — the paper is smooth and thick which is great. If you’re wanting to use coloring pencils or markers, the paper stands up to the marker ink and doesn’t bleed through the page. Another great thing is that each coloring page is on its own separate page, so even if the ink bleeds, it won’t ruin the next page. Great touch on the publisher’s part because little details like that can make or break a product.

Unique Adult Coloring Books.jpg

The geometric, angular shapes found in the Glass Dinosaurs book are perfect for when you really want to focus and get everything perfect. Even though this books is for adults, I think kids would have fun with this one too. A lot of different shapes for the dinosaurs, so you can color however you want and give it a stained-glass effect.

Adult Coloring Books.jpg

The next book, Psychedelic Topography, is a bit more carefree. It’s fun to get lost in the smooth and symmetrical abstract designs. Turn on some music or audiobook and get totally lost and relax while coloring.

Adult Coloring Books.jpg

Finally, Tunnel Runner has a lot of tiny details you can color in. Each coloring page features a tunnel of some sort, and if you’re the type of person who likes intricate small details, then I recommend you this one.

In all, I think they’re great and even compare to some of the more expensive coloring books you can find out there. It’s a great way to relax and unwind for an affordable price. I would 100% recommend you look into these if you’re looking for some unique coloring books.

Prices and Amazon Page:

Tunnel Runner: $7.99

Psychedelic Topography: $7.99

Glass Dinosaurs: $6.49