Weight loss is a sad and frustrating experience for many primarily because it often involves significant alteration to their preferred diet. A diet filled with lots of carbs consumed in the form of junk food and other unhealthy foodstuff is unlikely to help you lose weight quickly.

However, it is incorrect to presume that all weight loss friendly foods will be bland, insipid and tasteless. As an alternative to typical meal replacement shakes, read ahead for an overview of some really delicious foods that will help you stick to your diet without any hassles whatsoever.


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Anybody who has consumed a salad made out of fresh produce will agree that raw veggies and fruits can have their own distinctive and rather tasty flavor. Lettuce or spinach may taste bland but these foods can be easily spiced up with some lemon zest, a bit of black salt, and your preferred fresh herbs.

Cut it, slice it, dice it, and mix it up with a dash of olive oil and condiments to transform a bland salad into a yummy, stomach-filling, and extremely weight loss friendly dish.


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You have to be nuts to think that adding nuts to your diet won't make it tastier. A cashew nut can be a healthier alternative when you have the craving for something decadent, rich, and unhealthy. Instead of fried junk food, pop a few cashew nuts and nibble on it for at least 15 minutes.

While excessive consumption of cashew nuts can result in increase in cholesterol and body fat, you can use it as an occasional treat for following a diet consisting of weight loss friendly foods. Of course, you need not worry about over consumption of other healthier nuts like almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, and pistachios.

A few pistachios in your salad and you will never find green veggies boring again. Soak almonds overnight and have them first thing in the morning to enjoy a healthy boost of energy along with the added benefit of loss of weight over the long run.

If you want something better than raw nuts, you can opt for baked nuts with a pinch of salt. Of course, having it fresh and raw is the best option for your weight loss regimen.

Green Tea

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What is point of having lots of healthy foods if you are going to guzzle unhealthy sodas or pump a lot of caffeine into your body with lots of coffee or tea? Go green by switching to green tea.

Firstly, it is a lot healthier than other drinks. Secondly, you can try different variants to stimulate your taste buds. Need something light? How about a light brew with some added honey? Want something exotic to take your mind off your burger craving? Add a few rose petals to enhance the aroma of the drink.

Need a bit of spice? Crush a bit of ginger into the green tea for that extra zing. Every sip will help your body gain antioxidants, which will certainly help you lose weight a lot faster.


Want to continue eating out without letting go of your preference for tasty weight loss friendly foods? Switch to soups. Start with a soup; you can add some croutons if you feel like having a nibble; move to salads, and have some nuts and fruits drizzled in honey as dessert---here is your prefect weight-loss friendly hotel meal.

We have just scratched the surface as far as tasty weight loss friendly foods are concerned. Just get rid of your obsession with fried and oily foods and try some out of the box ideas. You will quickly discover that following a good diet is probably the best gift for your taste buds.

AuthorCarla Snuggs
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