When you were a kid, the chances are you viewed a trip to the dentist as being about as much fun as a weekend in a cupboard. Most people don't ever totally grow out of this. No-one looks forward to a dentist's appointment. Even if your dental health is good, spending that amount of time on your back, prone, with someone putting their hands in your mouth? Pass, right? It's no-one's idea of fun.

It's for this reason that attendance for dental appointments falls off once we pass 18. That is to say, when we are responsible for our own dental treatment. Studies show that one in four people who regularly have appointments as minors do not go in adulthood. Right when we should be responsible, a lot of people stop. Is this a problem? Well, it most certainly can be.

It's Mostly About Your Teeth, But Not All About Them

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The condition of your teeth is the primary reason you'll go and see your dentist, of course. It's what they specialize in. As we are learning across the years, though, health is very much a holistic thing. When you're unwell in one part of your body, it can affect you elsewhere. This is perhaps most clear when a dentist gets a look in your mouth. There are numerous conditions that a dentist can detect when they give you a check-up. And they aren't just dental conditions.

Dental Insurance Pays For Itself

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Paying for dental insurance, for people who don't qualify for it through their job, can sometimes seem like a waste. If you don't go to the dentist, why would you need it? But the truth is that if you get the right package, your whole family is covered. Kids should be going anyway, and it then covers all your checkups. Should any of you need more extensive treatment, you'll vastly reduce the costs.

When you think of oral health, chances are you think about it the way most people do, in a very straightforward way. It's all about your teeth, brushing regularly and eating right, yes? Actually, the truth is that there is more to it than that. There's a lot of detail that we don't hear about early in life or read in the newspaper. You can read it at mydental.guardianlife.com/blog/ and find out how important dental treatment is. You'd be surprised how much it influences overall health.

Let Your Vanity Convince You

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If you have a relaxed attitude to health issues, as many do, you may think you'll handle them if they come up. But often, by the time you notice symptoms, some treatment options are off the table. If your teeth feel fine, why bother with dental appointments?

Well, there is the small matter of underlying conditions. You may not notice them, but when they flourish the only option may be to have a tooth removed. If your health isn't enough of a motivator, think of body image. Ask yourself whether you want a big gap in your smile where a tooth used to be.

When it really comes down to it, you'll make your own decisions. But bear in mind that your oral health is about much more than your teeth. Make the right decisions and avoid bigger problem.

AuthorCarla Snuggs