Whether you’ve got a special event coming up or you simply want to rock the classy look, this guide can help you. If you’re not used to dressing in a sophisticated, grown up way, it can be difficult to know where to start. Ultimately, one person’s version of classy might not match another’s. That being said, these tips are a safe bet and will help you get started:

Choose A Clean Color Palette

Pulling off a classy look is all about choosing a clean color palette. Most classy looks incorporate colors like black, beige, white, brown, and other neutral colors. In some cases you can include a hint or pop of color, but never do it head to toe. Looking classy isn’t about being the brightest or most patterned in the room. The classy look commands attention without being too try hard or attention grabbing. It just has an aura about it!


Don’t Have Too Much Going On

In some cases it’s fine to rock lots of different patterns, accessories, and other elements to your outfit. However, the classy look is usually nice and understated. Make sure you haven't got too much going on here. Look in the mirror and take off the last thing you put on, or just be conservative when it comes to your accessories. You should still accessorize, but you don’t want your look to be messy. It isn’t just about accessories either. Mixing too many colors or patterns can create a visually cluttered look.

Incorporate Texture

Texture is an important part of any outfit. The classiest textures include things like leather, suede, wool, and cashmere. Anna Kristine 100% cashmere is a good example of the kind of textures you should be looking for. Again, you don’t want too much going on, but you don’t want your outfit to look dull and flat.


Choose The Right Accessories

Choosing the right accessories is essential. You can have statement pieces, but don’t wear too many of them. It’s usually better to take the less is more approach if you want to nail the classy look, so bear that in mind as you choose things to accompany your outfit.

Don’t Forget Small Details

The small details matter, especially when you want to pull off a classy look. Classy looks are always classy right down to the last detail, from nails to makeup. Ensure you haven’t missed anything when dressing to really complete your look and give it a professional finish.

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Make Sure You’re Comfortable

Above all else you need to be comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing. You could wear an outfit considered classy, but if you don’t feel comfortable it isn’t going to pack the punch that you want it to. The things you buy don’t even need to be expensive or branded, as long as they have a classy feel to them.

Use these tips next time you want to look especially classy and you should nail the look with no problems. Be confident and you’ll look amazing whatever happens!

AuthorCarla Snuggs