Chic ways to dress up a boring t-shirt
By Brandon Leibowitz*

When we’re used to dressing up in high heels and glamorous dresses, there may be tons of plain or casual tees that we’re overlooking. It’s time to add some flair and substance to your old t-shirts with some of your fancier wardrobe pieces. Got that comfy tee that you just can’t bear to throw away? Why not make good use of it? Here are some ways you can dress up a boring tee to suit your personal style:

  • Wear it with a sequined skirt – Easily one of the best ways to add some drama and style to a boring old tee. You can always find the right balance between the fanciness of a sequined skirt and the informality of a t-shirt. Wear this look on a date night with your favorite pumps and statement earrings. You could even add some statement neckpiece as a way to express yourself even more.

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  • Wear it with flared jeans – Flares are gaining ground as the top denim trend not only because they look hot but also because they’re highly flexible. Whether you want to dress up or dress down, they can be the perfect addition to your look. To dress up a plain or graphic tee, you can wear your flared jeans with stilettos or wedge sandals. Add a neutral-colored belt to complete the look.

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  • Wear it with a tiered skirt – Got that plain white tee that you love but hardly wear outside? Style it with a fun and lightweight tiered skirt for the summer. If you’re the kind of woman who feels that a plain t-shirt is just too basic, this is the perfect look for you. You could opt for a skirt with prints, so as to add some contrast to the lack of prints on your tee. Whether you wear this outfit with sandals or heels is up to you, just make sure it suits your personal style.

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  • Wear it with a blazer – Blazers, due to their formal look, are the perfect wardrobe staple to dress up any casual piece. You can wear a sharp blazer with a boring tee and create a whole new look. You could wear almost anything with this outfit – from denims and trousers to skirts and shorts. Don’t forget to accessorize it right with a handbag that matches the look. Even when it comes to shoes, anything goes with this outfit.

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  • Wear it with a leather jacket – Leather jackets work wonders in creating an edgy and grungy look when worn with old tees. Even the most basic t-shirt can look great when paired with the right leather jacket. You could throw on anything to complete this outfit. Maybe you could wear denims or trousers if it’s more your style. Otherwise, you could also soften the look with a cute skater skirt. When it comes to shoes, booties and pumps can look great for a formal look, while flatform sneakers and comfy ballerinas can create a more casual look. Got a faded old concert tee? Why not wear it with a leather jacket to create a grunge rockstar Halloween costume?


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  • Wear it with a bodycon skirt – Now this is the right look for women who want to show off their curves. You can wear your plain tee with your favorite bodycon skirt and throw on a pair of pumps or stilettos. Grab your handbag and sunglasses and you’re good to go. This look is great for formal events and semi-casual brunches. If you’re not a fan of high heels, you can wear this outfit with ballerinas and flatform sneakers as well. Just make sure you stay true to your personal style and express yourself accordingly.                                                          

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  • Wear it with a pleated skirt – Wondering how to wear your plain t-shirts to work and still look professional? Why not wear them with pleated skirts? Choose solid pleated skirt in vivid hues and add neutral-colored accessories. Try a nude belt with a statement necklace and slip on your favorite work pumps for a professional and stylish look. Outside of work, you can also wear your pleated skirt with graphic tees and ballerinas and create a casual chic look.

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  • Wear it with a printed scarf – Wearing a printed scarf is the right way to avoid looking too casual when you step outside this season. Whether you simply throw it over your shoulder or wrap it around your neck, a printed scarf can work wonders in dressing up a plain old tee. Even when you’re wearing sandals or ballerinas, the scarf adds some flair to an otherwise comfortable outfit.

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Now you have several ideas on how you can wear a plain tee without looking too casual. Make sure you add the right accessories for the occasion and you’ll never go wrong. Next time you find some boring old t-shirts stuffed in your closet, think again before you throw them out.

*Brandon Leibowitz is a seasoned writer for global thrift retailers, Savers and Value Village. He is a frequent contributor to blogs such as Social Media Examiner, Businesss 2 Community and several others. Brandon is recognized as a strong social media influencer due to his knowledge of and dedication to the industry.

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