How to look expensive on a budget
By Carla Snuggs

I love looking Posh, but I refuse to spend a fortune to look amazing. So, how do you look like a million bucks without spending tons of cash? Posh Beauty Blog sourced Vanessa Cooreman Smith the owner and buyer of Flourish Boutique and for ways to look luxe on a budget.

As a fashion expert and buyer, Vanessa focuses a lot of her energy on buying affordable items for the store that have "the look" for less. It’s also Vanessa’s job to help women assemble amazing outfits together that don't break the bank.

Here are some of Vanessa Cooreman Smith’s best tips to get “the look” on a budget along with some outfits from all of which are under $100!

1. You can get away with inexpensive tops, dresses, scarves, leggings, and sometimes even costume jewelry: but items such as handbags, shoes, jeans, and bras are important to spend more money on. So mixing and matching these items together can save on the overall cost while still making an outfit look luxe.

2. Having the right accessories with an outfit really make it look more complete, and thereby more fashionable and expensive. For example, a t-shirt and jeans can look boring and average: but add, a statement necklace and heels and voila…..instant casual glamour!

3. Know what materials to stay away from when shopping discount stores. For example, fake fur rarely looks good if the item is under $50. 

4. Don't be afraid to buy things off season and mix them into the upcoming seasons outfits. For example, at the end of summer you can find some amazing deals on rompers or summer dresses. As long as you pick a deeper color like navy, or teal, you can add something like an oversized fringe cardigan and boots over it and take it right into fall!

5. The right maxi dress is a game changer! Because you don't have to buy separate pieces, buying a maxi dress allows you to use your budget on a single piece and get something truly phenomenal. You can always add a jacket too though if you prefer.

6. Shop online boutiques, like Boutiques used to be synonymous with the word expensive. But that's not the case anymore. Many online boutiques specialize in affordable items, with many averaging $30-$60, making assembling an outfit under $100 a breeze.  

What's your best tip for making an inexpensive outfit look expensive? Leave your comments below!