3 hot fashion trends for spring from Top Manhattan Fashion Stylist Kirsten Angeli
By Carla Snuggs

What better way to beat the winter blues, than to bring a little “spring” into your style! Posh Beauty Blog sourced Top Manhattan Fashion Stylist Kirsten Angeli who provides the following tips to help us get ready for spring. Here are 3 ways to add spring touches to your wardrobe straight from Kirsten Angeli.  

Spring Florals

There's something for everyone this Spring. Whether you’re sensible, cute, sexy or like to sport an attitude, spring has it all! Blooming florals are everywhere, from flirty floral dresses, sweet street floral biker jackets, floral lycra to floral sport chic. Pick up one of those to-die-for skirts from Christopher Kane  or go head to toe floral with Matthew Williamson for Topshop. “Waking up to these blooming florals can light up even the most seasonably depressed!!” says Kirsten. 

 If that doesn't make you happy, it's now chic to bring your cross trainers to your next formal event. Tread carefully and choose a sneaker with style that brings another dimension to the dress. Choose a dress with lycra ribbing that hugs all the right places, turn up the heat with a bold color and floral sneaker to match.


Once spring rolls around get ready for the extra-sensory experience. A must this year is tangerine, everything: tangerine lips, tangerine coats, jackets, tops, dresses and accessories!

Accessorize Your White and Black

If color is not your thing, choose the perfect white top to match your black pants and a black top to match your white pants. Texturize the look with bold tribal jewelry in black and white lacquerTake a stand; Doesn't matter where, just get out there. Spring 2014 offers plenty of options to help you make the perfect statement.  Kirsten says, “Get graphic and add these Chanel bangles. A little over the top, use them as a statement to your favorite black on black or allover white look.”  

Images courtesy of Fashiongonerogue.comPlascontrends.co.za, Glamour.com, Trendsurvivor.com, Styleblazer.com

What are your favorite trends for Spring 2014?

AuthorCarla Snuggs