Summer is just around the corner, and, hopefully, this means one thing. It’s about to heat up, and we’re going to get some sun. While this is great news for those of us planning hazy days in the garden and summer breaks, it does spell trouble for our skin. If you’re having a skincare crisis or you’re worried about sunburn, take these tips on board.

Your summer skincare regime

Essentially, your daily regime should be the same all year-round. However, in the warmer months, you may wish to try different products. Cold weather and wind can dry out the skin, and heavy moisturisers are a winter staple. In the spring and summer, go for lighter lotions and serums. If you long for celebrity-style fresh, dewy skin, always moisturise before applying foundation.

If you’re in the market for new products, why not try the latest innovations or research vegan cosmetics brands? Try some samples and opt for creams and cleansers, which suit your skin type. After a day at the beach or a workout, don’t forget to cleanse and remove traces of makeup and dirt. Daily cleaning will open up your pores and let your skin breathe.

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Sun protection

Most of us love the feel of the sun on our skin, but prolonged exposure can cause serious damage. If it’s a hot day, you should always take precautions. Layer on your sunscreen and take care not to miss any areas of your body. Wait for your lotion to absorb into your skin before you sit out in the sun. Use a high factor if you burn easily, and sit in the shade during the hottest part of the day. If you feel your skin starting to burn, cover up or move inside.

Choosing the right sunscreen can be difficult, especially if you have sensitive skin or skin problems. If you find that popular brands irritate your skin, look out for hypoallergenic products. Natural ingredients are often kinder to the skin.

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In the heat of the summer, it’s not enough to bathe your skin in moisturiser and after sun lotion. You also need to hydrate from within. Drinking water is essential for so many reasons, not least to keep dehydration at bay. When you are dehydrated, your skin becomes dull and dry, and you may feel achy and lethargic. You should drink at least two litres of water per day. If you’ve been sweating more than normal, take more fluids on board.

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Summer makeup looks

If you’re going on holiday, you want to look your best without suffocating your skin. When it’s sunny, and you’re chilling out on the beach, you don’t want to be wearing layers of thick foundation. If you do want to wear makeup, go for the natural look. Use concealer to cover any blemishes and a thin layer of liquid foundation. Try to choose products, which contain SPF. If you’re heading from beach to bar, add mascara and a touch of bronze on the cheeks.

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Summer can bring benefits for your skin, but it can also be dangerous. Follow these simple steps, and your skin will look gorgeous and glowing all summer long.

AuthorCarla Snuggs