A review of GM Collin Bio Organique Skincare Line
By Carla Snuggs

Posh Beauty Blog recently discussed why using organic skincare products is of great benefit to you. I recently had the pleasure of trying the G.M. Collin Bio Organique line, so I wanted to share the line with you and the must-have products from the line. The GM Collin Bio Organique line consists of 8 essential high-performance products that make the skin healthier and brilliantly radiant by hydrating, nourishing, balancing, and providing antioxidant protection for a more youthful appearance. The products use 99% natural and certified organic ingredients.

The products from the GM Collin Bio Organique line include:

Bio Organique Cleansing Milk (with Avocado and Lavender)

Bio Organique Exfoliant  (with Rice and Grapefruit)

Bio Organique Revitalizing Mist (with Orange Water and Concord Grape)

Bio Organique Treating Serum (with Rice extract and Concord Grape)

Bio Organique Normalizing Gel Cream (with Fig and Tapioca)

Bio Organique Nourishing Cream (with Olive and Argan Oil)

Bio Organique Eye Contour Cream (with Sea Fennel and Spanish Lavendar)

Bio Organique Energizing Mask (with Barbados Cherrys, Pumpkin and Apricot).

About the GM Collin Bio Organique Skincare Line:

My favorites: All of the products from the Bio Organique line were truly outstanding, but the Bio Organique Cleansing Milk, Bio Organique Exfoliant  and the Bio Organique Nourishing Cream worked well for me. 

Why I Love it:
I love the Cleansing Milk because it gently cleanses my skin and leaves it very moisturized. The Cleansing Milk has the silky texture of cold cream, but it’s not oily or greasy whatsoever. It also has a mild lavender scent that I love. You simply apply the Cleansing Milk, add a bit of water to emulsify it, gently massage it into the skin and then rinse. My skin feels hydrated and extremely soft afterward. I also tried the Cleansing Milk as a makeup remover and not a trace of makeup remained. 

The Bio Organique Exfoliant is on my faves list because it is an organic way to exfoliate my skin and it’s not as abrasive as some exfoliants and scrubs I’ve tried. It’s also great for sensitive skin. 

The Nourishing Cream is simply out of this world! The olive and Argan oil are highly moisturizing. While the Nourishing Cream is lush and rich, it also feels lightweight on the skin. I like first using the Revitalizing Mist, which tones the skin, and follow it up with the Nourishing Cream. 

Buy it: Products Available at GM Collin.com and Spas Nationwide

Sponsored by GM Collin but all opinions are my own.

AuthorCarla Snuggs