Smiles are universal across all cultures. What does yours say about you?
By Keegan Burkholder

For many of us, the first impression is the only one that matters and that will define how you will be categorized by those you are talking to. Sometimes, it’s the smell of cold tobacco that can hang on your clothes will lead to a negative impression. Sometimes, it’s the way you cross your arms around you to keep yourself warm that might lead to think that you are disengaged. It is a truth of modern day communication, how we behave and what we wear is part of how others are going to judge us. Unfortunately, there are as many interpretations of your behaviors and your words as there are people in the world. For the one, smoking can be cool, for the other it is evil. You can never win! So let’s have a look at something that is universal across all cultures in the world: Smiling. If you used to watch Lie to Me with Tim Roth, you are certainly aware that there are some facial expressions that are understood in the same way all around the globe. This is some good news because smiling means the same thing everywhere: It is a statement of joy and warmth. But do you know what else your smile says about you?

The Lucky Teeth Gap

If you have a space between your two front teeth, like Madonna or Vanessa Paradis or many others, you already stand out from the crowd. But naturally, it doesn’t stop just right there. Do you need a little hint? The French call them “Les dents du bonheur” which means the lucky teeth or the teeth of happiness. It’s not a random name: A teeth gap is truly one of the sexiest attributes in a person as for many it means you embrace your flaws and make it a feature of sex appeal. So smile ahead and don’t mind the gap: It makes you appear younger and incredibly sensual because you are seen to enjoy life in large bites!

Check this lovely teeth gap by Mabel Amber -  Image Source

The Fangs Of Domination

For some, having prominent canines is a tragedy that ruins a smile. Don’t follow this path of self-loathing. Think of Tom Cruise’s toothy smile in Interview with A Vampire. His character, like all vampire characters, is charming and attractive. He is a strong personality who knows what he wants and who succeeds in obtaining it. Obviously, he turns out to be a villain, but let’s not pay attention to the rest of the story. Just remember: He’s powerful, he’s strong-willed and he is charming. And this is exactly what others see in all canines out smiles. They are a strong indicator of self-confidence and power, and that is what makes them sexy.

The Never-Ending Grin

The never-ending grin is a smile that is defined by having too many teeth for the eye to see. Some may even call if a crowded smile as if there was such a thing as too much of a good thing. Unless your teeth are visibly fighting for the same space, and in that case, you may want to check this with a specialist, such as here: for example, crowded grins are a perceived as a symbol of success. Don’t believe me? Think of Julia Roberts’s inimitable smile and the way it lightens up her face.

Julia Roberts’s wax statue by Yortw

If you too are blessed with a never-ending grin, don’t be embarrassed to show it off! It’s a seductive victorious smile that will charm those you address it to. Just one thing to bear in mind if that those smiles completely habit your face so make them real because fake crowded smiles are very easy to spot.

The Whiter Than White Smile

We all drink tea or coffee, some of us smoke, some others enjoy sweets, some of us love a nice glass of wine every now and then, etc. In short, we all have habits that reflect on the color of our teeth. While yellow teeth are not a feature of ideal for any of us, sometimes recurring to professional whitening can become a sign of insecurity. People who want it too perfect, who want too much brightness in their mouths, are often seen as individuals who are striving for the absolute cosmetic perfection. It’s not unlikely for those to multiply cosmetic operations in order to reach the level of perfection that they believe is necessary for them to be accepted in society. Unfortunately, this is often translated by a boobs job and super bright teeth. For many, the first impression is the one of a superficial person, which is unfair but first impressions are hard to change.

The All-Gums-Out Smile

The All-gums-out or gummy smile as some experts call is a smile that shows some of the gum above the teeth. Think of Beyonce’s famous smile to have an idea of what it looks like. If you have one of those grins, don’t despair. Often the gummy smiles go with slightly smaller sized teeth as well. These grins give a childlike impression of innocence, which means that people tend to naturally trust you more if you flash your anterior gum as you smile. This is a sign for many of trustworthiness so don’t feel ashamed as long as they are healthy.

Is Your Smile Really A Testimony Of Your Personality?

No, it isn’t. But your smile is something others will judge your personality on when they first meet you. While we unconsciously associate traits of temperament to different types of grin, we also register how often someone smiles. Whether it is a date, a job interview, or in the queue at a coffee bar, do remember to focus on the little joys in life, as these will make you smile and will make you look a lot more accessible. After all, who can honestly say that they find grumpiness an attractive feature? No one does, and that is because a face without a smile is a face that is shut to the rest of the world.

Why Is Smiling So Important

As we’ve said, smiling is a universal emotion that is understood in the same way in every culture. When you smile, you open up to life, and you are giving others a welcoming sign. Think of it this way: A smile is a hug that comes from the face. It could be charming, sexy, innocent, and much more. But what truly matters is what is saying about yourself: It says that you are radiating joy and sharing it with others. This is why a smile, like a laugh, can often be contagious even if no word has been spoken. If you feel unsure about smiling, or too shy about it, try this simple exercise.

Look at people in the streets and try to decide whether you like them or not. It’s a way of getting used to the impact of first impressions. You will soon find out that the common points between those you like include a smiling or a laughing face. It is a universal feeling: We are all naturally attracted to happiness, and therefore a smile, as a small window of happiness, is something that we cherish.

Now that you know and feel the importance of smiling, it is time to start to include broad grins in your everyday life. There are many reasons in a day to smile. You don’t need to open up the window and smile at the world while feeling blessed to be alive. Every single day is full of little pockets of happiness: Enjoying a warm drink on a cold day, finding an awesome pair of shoes, watching a video of cute puppies, talking to your children, holding the hand of the one you love… It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you find what makes you smile every day because smiling is a superpower that not only makes others feel joyful, but that also keeps you happier for longer. Get some inspiration in finding your own pockets of happiness here

So don’t wait any longer and flash your teeth. After all, when you think about it, what makes someone truly beautiful is when they are illuminated by joy. So it’s time to work on finding your own little pockets of happiness and grinning like you’ve never grinned before. A smile is the best remedy against depression and anger, and it is by far the best way to attract your own luck too. To quote the French saying, “la chance sourit à ceux qui se lèvent tôt”, luck smiles at those who get up early, maybe luck simply smiles at those who smile at it first.

AuthorCarla Snuggs