There are just a few certain things that every woman needs to have in her life. Besides a laptop and a smartphone, there are a few beauty products that are certainly needed. I don’t think I could leave the house without my beloved mascara or a hairbrush. But what other products do we need to have in? I’m just sharing today, a few must-haves for your hair. They are must-haves because they are versatile and work to create a few different styles. I’d love to hear what products or tools you can’t live without.



Hair Dryer

Well, this one is obvious, right? I don’t think there are too many of us that can just wash our hair and go. Having a hair dryer means that we can dry our hair quickly. It also means that we can eliminate as much frizz as possible. There is a large variety of hair dryers these days. So you can choose one according to your hair thickness and type. They can leave your hair feeling soft and silky. Sometimes you won’t even need to use straighteners if you have blow dried your hair.

Curling Wand

Having a curling wand is a must. You can get different sized curling wands these days; there are so many good curling wands around. But if you know what you are doing, you just need one size. You can create different sized curls and waves just depending on how you use the curling wand. Use the narrow, nearly pointed end for tight, small curls (think Shirley Temple). Loose, beach waves are better using the thicker end of the wand and wrapping the hair around the wand more loosely.

Hair Straighteners

After blow drying your hair, you don’t always need to straighten it. If you have quite thick frizzy hair, though, it is great to run straighteners through it too. It can make your hair even silkier and more smooth, which is always a good thing. It is great on the in-between days when you haven’t washed your hair, but still need to style your hair. You can add flicks and a few loose waves with a thin straightening iron too. So it is a must have due to its versatility.


Wide Tooth Comb

There are different styles of brushes that you can get for your hair. Some are for blow drying; some are for just detangling. It is a good idea to get a wide tooth comb in your life, though. It isn’t a good idea to use a brush when your hair is wet. Your hair is elastic and stretchy when it is wet. A brush can cause a lot of damage. A tooth comb that has quite wide gaps is a much better option when your hair is wet. They are inexpensive and are available easily, at a lot of stores. Having the right brushes for the job is needed when it comes to your hair.

What are your go-to items and products when it comes to your hair care?


AuthorCarla Snuggs