There probably isn’t a person out there who doesn’t own at least one ‘feel good’ outfit, even though we can’t precisely put our finger on why it makes us feel so good. In fact, the clothes you wear that make you feel more cheerful or put you in a better frame of mind don’t even need to be the clothes that look best on you. So why is it that you can go to your closet and pull out something that lifts your spirits? Research has an answer and you really can dress the blues away.

When You Look Good You Feel Good

As far back as any of us can remember, a woman simply needed to go out and buy something new to make her feel better when she was down in the dumps. There was a time when it was a hat. When women felt depressed or in need of a little bit of cheer so they’d go out and buy a new hat, much to the chagrin of their husbands who ended up paying for it. Today it’s moved on to clothing. It only takes a minute to visit sites like the Axparis website to find the perfect dress to automatically make you feel better. Isn’t the internet great? You don’t even need to go out in public when you’re feeling that down. Just go online and a world of feel-good clothing awaits you just a mouse click away.

Scientific Research Indicates that Clothing Alters Mood

In a recent study conducted at the University of Queensland in Australia, researchers sought to find out how clothes can alter our moods or lift them when needed. They wanted to find out why certain items made us appear to feel better, even if we didn’t, and how some articles of clothing made us feel even gloomier. Sometimes it’s an association of a life event that happened while we were wearing that particular dress or wearing those shoes. It could have been a date that you had an absolutely wonderful time on or it could be that the dress you are looking at is the very same one you wore when you landed the job you now have.

Color Is Also a Trigger

The color of your clothing can also make a difference in your mood. According to behavioral investigator, Vanessa Van Edwards, there are some common colors that have mood altering qualities. It is said that green increases productivity whilst orange, the color of enthusiasm, helps to increase a person’s supply of oxygen to the brain. Why and how this happens isn’t quite clear but scientific studies have authenticated this belief. Take a good look at your favorite colors to see how they are known to affect your mood and then you can don your favorite colored blouse or dress the next time you feel blue.

Whether you just need a quick lift of your spirits or you want to go on that job interview feeling like you are already hired, the choice in what you wear really could affect the outcome. Feeling blue? Change your clothes!

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AuthorCarla Snuggs